AWS Backup

Although your Amazon Web Services (AWS) data is in the cloud, it is still vulnerable to data loss. That’s why you need a solid and affordable AWS backup and recovery plan. Unitrends Backup software delivers Amazon Web Services backup in two ways — off-site AWS backup copy and AWS workload backup.

Both use cases save you time with frictionless deployment and centralized management. Our AWS backup and recovery is managed via the easy-to-use Unitrends dashboard. Plus, the Unitrends AWS data backup solution offers lower fees and faster recovery times than native Amazon backup, which lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Unitrends backup solutions also work with AWS to give you AWS backup with multilayer security and peace of mind that your data can be recovered.

Use Case 1: Effortless AWS backup for workloads 

Your organization’s AWS workloads need to be backed up too. As an IT professional, you are just as responsible for protecting your organization’s AWS data in the cloud as you are for on-premises content.

There are countless causes of AWS data loss, including accidental deletion, file corruption and viruses. Do not assume that Amazon Web Services is backing up your data for you. You are still responsible for meeting industry regulations and DR plans for your organization’s AWS data.

Unitrends Backup software is a prepackaged virtual appliance that can be deployed in the AWS cloud as a virtual machine (VM) to protect AWS-based workloads with AWS cloud backup.

This integrated AWS and Unitrends solution addresses your AWS backup requirements, enabling hassle-free retention and recovery strategies to ensure business continuity no matter what.

  • Simple deployment – Easily provision a Unitrends Backup virtual appliance instance through AWS. Activate it with a Unitrends Backup license.
  • Comprehensive best-in-class services – The combination of AWS and the integrated backup and recovery capabilities of Unitrends virtual appliances ensures continuity for your critical cloud-based workloads.
  • Centralized management – Efficiently use the same intuitive Unitrends management dashboard to back up and retrieve your workloads regardless of whether they are deployed in the cloud or on-premises.
  • Industrial-strength security – Unitrends has built-in AES 256-bit encryption to protect data at rest and data in flight. AWS already meets many data protection compliance standards for most industries.

Use Case 2: Automated Unitrends AWS data backup for secure off-site backup copy and compliance

Backup data files are useless if they can be destroyed with the primary data by the same event, whether malicious or accidental.

Unitrends Backup software, a pre-packaged virtual appliance, can be deployed in AWS as a target for secondary, off-site copies of your primary backups. This easy-to-use AWS data backup solution can help you meet compliance requirements.

For secure off-site AWS backup, it’s easy to quickly provision a Unitrends Backup instance in the AWS cloud.

Then, use Unitrends Backup as the target for off-site backup copies replicated from the on-site Unitrends backup appliances.

Great for organizations that already use Amazon Web Services, this method of AWS data backup is an easy and cost-effective way to ensure there’s a copy of your organization’s critical data shielded from a primary site disaster or other AWS data loss events.

  • Save time with simple deployment – Easily provision a Unitrends Backup virtual appliance instance through AWS. Activate with a Unitrends Backup license.
  • Start backing up right away – You can immediately begin to replicate backups from your on-site Unitrends physical or virtual appliance(s) to the Unitrends Backup instance deployed in the AWS cloud.
  • Get secure off-site backup with no infrastructure costs – Protect your business from data loss with a backup copy located outside your data center using Unitrends Backup in the AWS Cloud.
  • Easily manage off-site backup copies – Use the same intuitive Unitrends management dashboard to replicate backup copies from the Unitrends appliances in your data center to the cloud.
  • Quickly recover data – Quickly recover the asset that you need from the cloud back to your users, regardless of whether it’s a file, an application or the entire volume.
  • Easily meet compliance requirements – Use this automated AWS disaster recovery solution to easily meet regulatory and compliance requirements that mandate BCDR plans and off-site backup.
  • Supercharge replication with WAN optimization – With Unitrends at both ends of the WAN, our acceleration techniques, such as global deduplication, compression and other techniques, are employed to minimize WAN bandwidth requirements and speed up the transmission of data to and from the cloud.
  • Know your data is secure with layers of protection – Together, Unitrends built-in AES 256-bit encryption and Microsoft’s ISO 27018 privacy standard provide multiple layers of asset protection.