Cryptolocker, Cerber, CryptoWall, Crysis, etc., are all variants of ransomware, a problem that has reached epidemic levels. It is a billion dollar plus criminal enterprise with up to 60% of US enterprises reporting that they have been attacked

Why Unitrends for Ransomware Protection

Unitrends backup and recovery solutions are easier to deploy and provide higher confidence that data is protected with quick and easy recovery.

Today's Requirements Others Unitrends
No Finger Pointing

Multiple vendors and more finger pointing

Single vendor – one throat to choke
Easier to deploy
Integration required
Less work – rack, connect and go

100% confidence

Little to no recovery assurance
100% confidence
Higher Security
Windows-based, malware susceptible
Hardened Linux, proactive detection
Higher satisfaction
Fragmented solution, lower satisfaction
Unified, higher confidence & satisfaction

How Ransomware Works

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts the files on an infected computer so they cannot be accessed. Once the files are encrypted, the owner is notified that unless they pay a fee, usually in untraceable bitcoin, they will be permanently locked out of their files. Once you become a victim there is little you can do. You need to take steps now, before you are infected to protect your data

Today's Requirements Others Unitrends
Proactive Detection


Windows Code
Hardened and Secure
Hardened Linux

Unitrends physical and virtual appliances enable organizations of all sizes to protect their data and assure business continuity for physical, virtual, and cloud based environments. The steadfast Linux-based platform delivers unmatched flexibility as needs evolve and provides 100 percent confidence in efficient, easy-to-use recovery from ransomware attacks.

“Within 2 hours we were fully operational again after a ransomware attack with full system restores for the two affected workstations.” - Life’s Abundance



Unitrends Recovery Series

Unitrends Backup

Hear What Others are Saying

While we all hope that we will never be attacked by ransomware, hope is not a strategy. Unitrends solutions provides backup verification, automated failover, testing and automated reporting that ensure recovery performs as planned

Every folder was encrypted with ransomware. I was able to restore to a point before corruption while connected with my cell phone and within 30 minutes the server was running and accepting client connections. - Broadway Carpets
I’ve had 2 separate ransomware incidents. It was trivial and quick for me to restore the data from the Unitrends appliance.
Bethlehem, NY Central School District

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