While most of our customers use Unitrends Cloud for remote data protection and a disaster recovery site, Development Guild, an HR consulting firm in Boston already had a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) in AWS (Amazon Web Services) and wanted to use that to protect their on-premises workloads. They are a VMware shop and wanted to be able to move on-premises VMs to their AWS VPC in the event of a failure in their local datacenter.

Amazon VPC lets you provision a logically isolated section of the AWS cloud to launch AWS resources in a user-defined virtual network. Prior to engaging with Unitrends it took Development Guild about 6 hours to move their on-premises VMware VMs to AWS. This was an unacceptable level of risk as most of their employees work remotely and they would be completely isolated until the recovery took place.

Development Guild selected Unitrends Boomerang to reduce this recovery process from 6 hours to less than 20 minutes. In addition there was a considerable cloud cost savings from using Boomerang. Unitrends Boomerang doesn’t use costly live Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) in AWS EC2 running 24/7 in compute mode. In the event of a system failure, Boomerang’s “Pilot Light” feature quickly auto-converts VMs replicated in inexpensive AWS S3 to native AMIs, and spins them up in EC2.

Deploy turns your VM copies in the S3 bucket into running VMs in EC2, effectively running a duplicate machine from VMware in AWS. You have to trigger this manually by clicking “deploy now”. This displays a settings window. The defaults are usually what you want, but you can select which replication you want to run, choose to deploy only a subset of the VMs, and even set the name of the stack in CloudFormation.

When the issue is resolved, a few clicks reverses the conversion and brings everything back to the local data center. Copyback restores VMs deployed in AWS back into the original VMware environment. You can start the task from “Copyback” tab in the Protection Group details. Simply select VMs you wish to copy back and configure VMware details. The AWS EC2 images are dissolved and the charges for Amazon compute services end.

Amazon Web Services has a great series of YouTube videos to help explain what AWS is, what it can do, and how to get started. Boomerang automates a selection of these services so that you don’t have to spend time creating an S3 Bucket, configuring an EC2 virtual server, or manually deploying to CloudFormation. Boomerang delivers customers such as Development Guild tangible benefits through its intuitive user interface, breakthrough speed / efficiency for VMware replication, and reduction in the risk of human error by using automation.

To read the entire Customer Success Story please visit https://www.unitrends.com/wp-content/uploads/Development-Guild.pdf. You can also read more about Unitrends Boomerang at the Unitrends web page.

Dick Csaplar
About Dick Csaplar

Dick Csaplar is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with Unitrends. Prior to working for Unitrends Dick was an Industry Analyst for Aberdeen, focused on all things Data Center. Dick has over 25 years of experience in IT with extensive work in Asia and Latin America having lived in, worked or traveled through over 70 countries in the world.