Unitrends 9.1: Integration with ConnectWise

This is an exciting time at Unitrends. In just a few weeks we will release Unitrends Backup version 9.1, with over 300 enhancements, this could be our biggest software release ever. Unitrends has always desired to make our customer’s lives easier. In this vein, for those customers using the ConnectWise professional services automation (PSA) tool, service and billing tickets can now be created from the Unitrends Backup user interface.

With the Unitrends software automatically creating service tickets and by automating retrieval of billing information and creating a billing ticket, we have removed the error-prone and time-consuming process of entering information manually into ConnectWise. Once configured, the Unitrends system sends service ticket and billing from company sites directly to PSA integration tool targets.

When released, the software, as well as the technical support for installation is free to those with current support contracts.

Please contact your Unitrends supplier or visit Unitrends if you have any questions.


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