Changing the Rules of Data Management with Unitrends v10.3

As enterprise data volumes continue to grow exponentially, managing backup and retention requirements has become an increasingly time-consuming hassle for IT admins. Regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, and GDPR that can require long-term data retention periods (30+ years or more in some cases) – only add to the problem. Until now, the economic rules of traditional approaches forced IT to solve the problem with complex and costly data management strategies such as overbuying backup capacity to accommodate future growth,  to moving data off disk-based backup to lower-cost tape or rotational media as quickly as possible for long-term retention, to buying and managing secondary archival solutions. These approach makes accessing and recovering retained data slow and cumbersome, further pressuring IT to continuously tweak backups for the optimal balance.

What if you could have economical long-term retention and easy access and fast recovery?

We’ve announced the new Unitrends Backup v10.3 and Gen 8 Recovery Series appliances change the economics of data management – enabling IT managers to retain data long-term to meet regulatory requirements without sacrificing access to business-critical applications and data. Foundational efficiency improvements, including adaptive deduplication, performance optimized ingest and fast, low bandwidth replication in a scalable hardware line sized to fit mean you can:Unitrends_Gen_8_Recovery_Series

  • Buy the appliance you need now without overbuying for long-term data retention.
  • Retain data on our backup appliances indefinitely.
  • Replicate massive data volumes to offsite storage on our massively scalable Unitrends Backup virtual appliance or Unitrends Forever cloud over a WAN twice as fast at a fraction of the cost.
  • Manage retention from days to multiple years for thousands of backup jobs quickly and easily. Quickly search for, filter, and sort thousands of backups stored on the Unitrends appliance and then delete, hold, un-hold, and recover backups right from the search results.

V10.3 also makes backing up and replicating Windows servers with millions of small files as fast and easy as a virtual machine. You can instantly recover Windows data directly from the deduplicated and compressed backup storage without storing replicas or spinning up new machines.

With v10.3 Unitrends is efficiently and effectively breaking rules of data management.

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