It’s been a great week commemorating World Backup Day here at Unitrends this week, but it really got me thinking, should World Backup Day really end? As an IT Professional, is there a single day that goes by that you think, “Hmm, data protection isn’t really that important. I’m going to skip my backups today.”? If you’re reading this blog, then I highly doubt that that thought ever crosses your mind. You’re more likely thinking, “How can I make backing up easier?” or “How do I get the rest of the staff to understand why storing their files on the file server that I backup instead of on their workstation is so important?”. If thoughts like these have ever crossed your mind, then I encourage you to use World Backup Day (and the days and weeks that follow it) to your advantage. Let it be the springboard to opening the discussions up with your organization’s leadership team about whether your current backup solution, and it’s ability to recover, meets their expectations in terms of recovery time & recovery point objectives. Share tips with all of your users so that they can ensure that all of their important data is backed up per company policy. Aren’t sure where to start on either of these conversations? Check out these resources:

  • World Backup Day Poster – Print this out & put it in your breakroom, or send it around to your staff to read. It should help them understand why it’s so important that they follow your directions so that you can protect their valuable work.
  • BC/DR Link – Has it been awhile since you’ve revisited your DR plan? Not sure how to start the conversation with your leadership team? This tool developed by Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planners is a great way to easily update & store your DR plan for free.
  • Recovery Time Actuator – Not 100% sure how long it will take you to recover those critical VMs, or that you’ll meet the recovery time windows that you’ve set out in your DR plan? This free tool takes care of all of that for you – no guessing required.
  • 500GB Cloud Offer – Thinking of adding Cloud storage to your backup plan? If you’re one of the first 100 people to take advantage of this special offer, through the month of April 2016, you’ll get 500GB of storage for FREE.
  • Need a reliable backup solution for your office or home? Don’t have a huge budget? Download Unitrends Free, which includes protection for 1TB of data protection for VMware, Hyper-V, & Windows clients.

We’d love to hear from you – is World Backup Day really just one day, or is every day World Backup Day for you?