From No Limits Unitrends Cloud to Free Forever Infinite Hardware to New Appliances to New Features

It’s been an incredibly busy time for Unitrends – we’ve released an awful lot of stuff in the last 30 days.  I got so involved in it that I went dark on the blog for a few weeks.  In any case, I thought that I’d do a quick blog post laying out a few of the new things that we’ve done in the last 30 or so days – and then in the next few blog posts following this one we’ll talk about each in more detail.

Cloud DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service), Disaster Recovery We Manage for You: Unitrends is now offering its subscription cloud services on an unmetered basis (i.e., it’s all you can eat based on the appliance that you buy) for a subscription rate that is on average significantly less than anyone else in the industry.  We call this the No Limits Cloud(TM).  The new pricing is just the first step in a series of announcements we’re going to be making as we begin reaping the benefits of a multi-million dollar investment in cloud services.

Hardware Refresh Programs, Forever Young Hardware with Capacity Guarantees: Unitrends is now offering two new subscription program, Pledge and Pledge Plus, so that the hardware upon which our appliances are based remains “forever young.”  Both programs are designed so that you get a new appliance every four years as well as getting accelerated hardware-related services.  The Pledge Plus program pledges not only new replacement hardware, but that the replacement hardware will have at least double the capacity of the appliance that was originally purchased.

Simplified Support Services, Best-in-Universe Support: Our physical appliances, virtual appliances, and cloud offerings now have three simplified support offerings: gold, platinum, and premier.

Five-Year Subscription Term, No Surprises on Support Costs: We’ve added a 5-year subscription contract for support, hardware services, and Unitrends Cloud in response to customer demand.  This is in addition to its 1- and 3-year subscription contracts we’ve offered in the past and continue to offer.  Our 5-year subscription contract enables customers to lock-in their subscription pricing over a 5-year period for a discount – important across the board – and particularly important with our Pledge and Pledge Plus hardware refresh programs.

New Appliances, Even More Aggressive Pricing: Last but certainly not least, Unitrends introduced a few new models: the Recovery-863, the Recovery-824, and the Recovery-313.  We also took this opportunity for new pricing across the board.

We’ll discuss each of these in a few upcoming blog posts.  As always, we invite you to let us know your opinion – we love talking about this stuff!


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