Take your backup planning to a whole new level with these free tools

While most of us may use a monitoring tool or collection of tools to help manage backup and recovery planning, there are gaps in what we know about the allocation of storage across the infrastructure. These gaps come to light when attempting to understand your data footprint and how storage is being consumed which is especially challenging if you’ve run into the unlucky situation of maxing out backup storage.  In those times it would be extremely helpful in understanding what exactly is being backed up before you throw money into more storage when in fact you had data present which no longer needs to be protected or is duplicated.   The fact is, most of us don’t have the proper tools (or the time to go searching) to get an accurate, in-depth picture of the “what and where” when it comes to your data.

Unitrends offers three Free Tools you can use to jump start your backup and recovery planning:

  • BC/DR Link provides an online service tool that helps you build and customize your own DR plan so you can confidently respond to a disaster or outage and recover your systems rapidly, effectively, and efficiently.
  • Recovery Time Actual Calculator – lets you quickly calculate how long it will take to recover the critical VMs in your data center and is highly effective while still maintaining ease of use.
  • Unitrends Freeis free backup software that quickly deploys as a virtual appliance in VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. You can protect up to 1 TB of data without limitations on number of VMs or sockets.

For those who are looking for effortless backup and cloud disaster protection, request a demo for Unitrends Backup Software today.


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