Boosting IT Productivity via Backups

Unitrends v10 Disrupts Enterprise Data Management with New Approach that Dramatically Increases IT Productivity and Confidence

Unitrends announced today the release of version 10 for its Recovery Series backup appliances and Unitrends Backup virtual appliances, finally giving Enterprise IT the simplicity, confidence and intelligence to meet business-level SLAs for any application on-premises and in the cloud.

So what does it mean to make IT more productive with backups?

First, what’s the problem?

Problem #1: Aligning IT with the Business

Backup solutions today have some frustrating gaps.  They focus on individual tasks related to protecting and retaining data, but they fail to tie it all together in a way that aligns IT with the business and recovery Service Level Agreements (SLAs).  In fact, most folks in IT that I speak to lack the confidence even to attempt to define and communicate their recovery objectives (RPOs and RTOs).  You end up with multiple jobs to manage backup, replication, archiving, and retention, all with no visibility into recovery SLAs.

Problem #2: Reducing Infrastructure Costs

Additionally, you – as IT Pros – are tasked with more projects.  As the DevOps movement continues to gain momentum, IT organizations must provision applications quickly for test, development, compliance and other business functions.  Storage and management costs are overwhelming when you provision many versions and copies of your production environment.

So how is Unitrends solving these issues with v10?

Of course, the purpose of a backup is to recover in a bad situation.  It helps keep your business running.  While that’s one form of productivity, v10 brings even more to the table – real business productivity and alignment with IT.

SLA Policy Automation

Unitrends v10 controls the initiation and flow of backups and backup copies through a single, simple policy. IT administrators simply set RPOs, RTOs, where data should go, and how long it should be kept. Unitrends automates the entire underlying process, including the analytics and business-level reporting of compliance with those SLAs.  Optionally combine SLA-based policies with granular enterprise scheduling options, and Unitrends can meet the protection demands of any workload.

Automated Provisioning

Enterprise IT and DevOps can instantly access production data, applications and full labs for testing, development, compliance and other business functions with no impact to the production environment. Supporting both physical and virtual environments, Unitrends extends the function of a backup to orchestrate instant spin-up of on-demand labs, while limiting lab access control to key stakeholders.

Protection for Microsoft Hyper-V 2016

Unitrends v10 adds complete hypervisor-level protection for the latest and greatest Microsoft hypervisor, allowing IT organizations to use the newest virtualization features while remaining confident and productive due to increased uptime from backup and continuity.

Unitrends v10 is expected to be available in June.  You can REGISTER to see a demo of v10 in action, or stay up to date with new videos and documentation as it becomes available.


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