I got a chance to visit one of the larger services and cloud provider in the world earlier this week.  This incredibly successful company has recently announced partnerships with both Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.  They also are one of VMware’s largest partners.  I had a great conversion with a leader of that practice regarding their management of private VMware infrastructure and clouds – and this led to a discussion regarding disaster recovery, replication, data protection, and VMware SRM (Site Recovery Manager.)  The person I was talking to was explaining to me that much of his customer base was looking for a better solution.

Curious, I asked why.  I asked if it was because of the legendary complexity of managing and monitoring VMware SRM.  He explained to me that this wasn’t the case – they did so much VMware SRM that they basically had PhD’s in VMware SRM.  I shuddered a bit thinking of what kind of life that must be.

I asked if it was because of pricing.  He said I was getting closer, but despite the fact that VMware SRM is very expensive for most people that their VMware practice was so large they got great discounts.  He said he wished the pricing was lower, but that this wasn’t the primary issue with SRM.

So finally he told me – and it was upon retrospect the most obvious thing in the world.  He said that the fundamental problem was that SRM required his customers to have another VMware installation – and that capex (capital expenditure – or equipment cost) and additional VMware licenses was expensive.  He explained to me that was why they were so interested in Amazon AWS – because they didn’t need other hot or warm VMware sites.

And it was that interest in VMware disaster recovery and replication that had driven them to seek out the best possible solution for Amazon AWS – Boomerang.  They were interested primarily in DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) – but the fact that migration and cloudbursting was supported by the same tool and the same replication processes were icing on the cake.

It was a great story – and the start of an unprecedented relationship with Unitrends.

Find out for yourself how straightforward it is to reduce your VMware CAPEX – try Boomerang for free, with your AWS account or ours.