Simplify data archiving with Unitrends.

Data archiving – the management and retention of digital data to ensure accessibility and security over time – is becoming an increasingly difficult task. As data volumes experience exponential growth and business analytics require faster access to archived data, enterprises are searching for a superior data archiving technology that can make data both easier to find and less expensive to store.

Enter Unitrends. Our D2D2x (Disk-to-Disk-to-Any) data archiving solutions provide enable you to archive and recover data from disk, tape, NAS, SAN and the cloud. Supporting a wide variety of devices, our data archiving technology can be managed with an integrated, intuitive user interface to make performing data archiving tasks quick and easy.

Unitrends data archiving solutions.

Unitrends is a leading provider of data backup solutions for organizations worldwide. Our data protection software and hardware solutions provide protection for virtually any mix of data center assets and end-to-end protection of all physical and virtual assets.

Unitrends data archiving solutions offer you a choice of archiving and disaster recovery strategies. You can archive to an on-premise disk-based solution, an off-premise single-tenant private cloud, multiple tenant public cloud or to the physical storage solution of your choice. While we offer both a 1-bay desktop and a 4–bay 1U rack mount unit for archiving. Also we support tape archive because many enterprises have made a significant investment in tape libraries. If NAS or SAN is your solution of choice, Unitrends data archiving solutions support them as well.

Features of data archiving with Unitrends.

Unitrends data archiving solutions provide:

  • An intuitive web interface to let you monitor and manage rotational data archiving of one or more appliances from a centralized console.
  • Easy management of near-line storage with a view of the status of connected and configured near-line storage, space usage and media serial numbers. It also prepares the medium for on-demand or scheduled archive jobs.
  • Granular control of archived data, giving administrators the flexibility to decide what needs longer retention or off-site disaster recovery as well as specific backups and related data ranges to back up.
  • Protection of data archiving media to meet compliance requirements as well as data archiving media rotation to lower TCO.
  • Selective space recycling to recycle specific archive sets and make space for newer ones.

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