Simplify Linux backup with Unitrends.

When your business depends on systems running Linux, you need a Linux backup solution that is reliable, cost-effective and easy to use. And a important as your Linux infrastructure is, you don’t want your IT staff spending too much time on Linux backup and recovery as they have other demands on their time and more strategic priorities that need attention. With the right Linux backup system, backup and recovery can be fast and simple meaning you not only minimize downtime but IT costs and staff hours as well.

Enter Unitrends. Our Linux backup solutions are easy to use and highly cost-effective. And unlike competing solutions, Unitrends solutions adapt to your IT infrastructure – rather than requiring you to make changes to your data center to accommodate the needs of your Linux backup solution.

In addition to Linux backup, we also provide solutions for Oracle backup, NDMP backup, Exchange recovery and more.

Deep virtual and physical Linux backup.

Our enterprise-class Linux backup and recovery solutions provide granular backup at the virtual and physical level. Offering native protection for Linux, we enable users to choose physical protection when Linux is running on a physical server, and deep virtual protection when Linux is operating on a virtual machine. With our Linux backup solution you can:

  • Schedule Full/Differential, Full/Incremental and Forever Incremental backups.
  • Reduce snapshot overhead in virtual environments.
  • Run backups with granular file and folder exclusion.
  • Reduce footprint and backup/replication windows with application-aware, adaptive deduplication.
  • Perform application consistent backups.
  • Enable Integrated Bare Metal Recovery (iBMR) from a single-pass backup.
  • Provide protection for physical RDM, iSCSI pass-through, and independent persistent disk configurations in VMware vSphere environments.

Virtual Linux backup.

Unitrends also provides Linux backup solutions to protect Linux in virtual environments at the hypervisor level. These features include:

  • Single-step, Instant Recovery for VMs.
  • Granular recovery for virtual disks, files and folders.
  • Rollback recovery with incremental data restore over existing VMs.
  • Direct SAN backup and recovery.
  • Reduced management overhead via hypervisor level API integration.
  • VM replicas for offsite failover.
  • Global deduplication for reduced footprint and backup/replication windows.
  • Automatic VM discovery.
  • Encryption.

Unitrends Linux backup technology protects the following versions of Linux:

  • RHEL 5.4
  • RHEL 6.0
  • RHEL 7.0
  • CentOS 5.0
  • CentOS 6.0
  • SUSE 9
  • SUSE 10
  • SUSE 11
  • Ubuntu 9.04
  • Ubuntu 10.4
  • Ubuntu 11.04
  • Ubuntu 13.04
  • Ubuntu 13.10
  • Debian 7.0
  • Fedora 19

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