Simplify your XenServer backup with Unitrends

Monitoring and managing your XenServer backup should be the easiest part of your day, not the most complex or tiresome. After all, virtual environments like XenServer are designed to simplify server management by eliminating the cost and hassle of managing a host of physical servers. Yet too often XenServer backup solutions are expensive and difficult to use, consuming too much time and resources and robbing you of the cost savings your XenServer environment is supposed to provide.

Enter Unitrends. Our XenServer backup solution, Unitrends Virtual Backup™, is simple to use, with a powerful web-based user interface that not only makes the job of backup and recovery easy for novices but scales easily for power users.

Unitrends XenServer backup solution offers more control

Unitrends Virtual Backup system is purpose-built for virtualization-only environments. This intuitive solution makes XenServer backup a breeze. An intuitive click minimization scheme allows you to monitor your environment and easily manage it for optimal data protection. And our XenServer backup solution is efficient, too, using 66% less storage space and 75% less computing resources than competitors’ systems.

The features of Unitrends’ XenServer backup solution include:

  • Tools to install, configure, and backup XenServer and other virtual machines in minutes.
  • Intuitive, simple, yet sophisticated user interface designed for virtualization lovers.
  • Complete hypervisor-level protection for Citrix XenServer.
  • Global data deduplication for greater storage efficiency.
  • Instant rollback recovery.
  • Award-winning crazy-committed customer support with an industry-leading 98% customer satisfaction rating.

Benefits for XenServer backup

Unitrends Virtual Backup provides enormous benefits for your XenServer backup operations.

Simple to Use. With the XenServer backup software, you can install and configure VMs in seconds and deliver offsite protection at the touch of a button. Schedule and execute your backups 5 times faster, with 95% deduplication efficiency. Monitor virtual backup health at a glance and provide status reports in seconds.

Easy to monitor. A single dashboard displays your most important metrics so you can monitor your XenServer backup in a single glance. Instantly view metrics that include:

  • Protected and unprotected VMs.
  • The number of total errors during server backup.
  • Your total storage, and the amount of storage used versus allocated, write speed, % growth per day, data change rate per day, and dedupe rate achieved.

Get results in just a few clicks. It takes just one click to drill down for details, calling up a list of all protected and unprotected VMs. Quickly view all active file recovery and instant recovery sessions. Or learn about all the backup, restore, and replication jobs that errored in the past 7 days.

Two clicks lets you access a Protection Summary Report that lists details for all protected VMs, unprotected VMs, archived backups, and replication jobs. And in just three clicks, you can perform a XenServer backup, protecting all your VMs.