Calculate Your Recovery Time

How Long Will You Be Down?

With Unitrends Free Disaster Recovery Calculator, see how long it will take to recover your critical VMware virtual machines and their applications


Automated and Quick Calculations

The Recovery Time Actual (RTA) Calculator automates a disaster recovery test and immediately delivers a report telling you how long it would take to recover your VMware environment. The RTA report is produced quickly, with no impact on your production environment.

Free Forever

Use the RTA Calculator as often as you like—it’s free forever. You may want to run the calculator multiple times to estimate the time to recover different production loads and various group of VMs.

Facilitates DR Planning

The RTA Calculator provides an easy way to estimate Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) for backup plans, disaster recovery plans, and SLA plans.

System Requirements

The Recovery Time Actual (RTA) Calculator is a Windows application that requires an Administrator account and .Net 4.0. Supports VMware ESX or ESXi with vCenter 4.0 (or higher) with default ports and VMware guest tools installed.


Maybe the most important result of our Unitrends deployment is that I now have faith in our failover strategy. If I had an outage at our primary site, I feel much more comfortable that a failover would be successful.
Steve Crocker


Magna Bank