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As this year draws to a close, we invite you to join us for a retrospective of 2020 innovations and lessons learned from an extraordinary year.

Unitrends reduces vendor complexity and increase IT confidence, enabling better productivity and business uptime.

Dedicated to the tireless IT professionals around the globe who work long hours, weekends and many holidays.

Microsoft Office 365 adoption is at an all-time high – elevating the risk of data loss and security breaches. Protect your C-suite or entire organization with end-to-end backup, stolen credentials alerting, and phishing defense.

Threat actors and cyber criminals perpetrating Ransomware attacks have upped their game.

Spotlight on Untrends: DCIG's founder Jerome Wendt, will review and share the DCIG TOP 5 results that came out of its independent research into backup solutions for the Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure public clouds.

Join our expert panel on as they discuss the latest trends in today's threat landscape, as well as strategies and tool to keep your employees and your data safe.

In preparing this report, DCIG evaluated thirteen enterprise AWS cloud backup solutions based on multiple different features and capabilities.

In preparing this report, DCIG evaluated twelve Microsoft Azure cloud backup solutions based on multiple different features and capabilities.

Unitrends UniView is a free SaaS platform that delivers a fresh, unified approach for managing backup data living on multiple platforms.

BCDR demands has risen steadily over the last 10 months as organizations across the globe are battling powerful forces of change like never before. The fittest organizations are innovating rapidly in order to survive, and their Business Continuity solution is a key lever.

‘’Set it and forget it’’ with Unitrends Subscriptions! Always have full-featured backup and disaster recovery in place with simple, predictable pricing and flexible payment options to match your budget.

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