Backup and Disaster Recovery for Azure

Backup and business continuity continues to evolve. From just making copies of data on tape, backup now includes business continuity, restoring servers and applications to keep organizations performing. The Cloud is playing an increasingly more important part of the process. The role of the cloud can extend from just providing an effective alternative to sending tapes or other rotational media off-site for long-term retention to providing all the services of a secondary data center, at a fraction of the price. Unitrends offers three classes of products, Unitrends Recovery Series and Backup software virtual appliances, Unitrends Boomerang and Unitrends Office 365 that enterprises that can use in / with Azure to optimize backup and business continuity solutions. Which to use and how to deploy them depends on the particular business goals of each organization.

Microsoft Azure for Remote Data Storage and Off Site Compliance

Backup data files are no use if they can be destroyed with the primary data by the same event, malicious or accidental. Unitrends Backup in Azure can be used as a target for secondary, off-site copies of your primary, on-premises backups. Instantly provision a copy of Unitrends Backup software virtual appliance through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. You can immediately begin to replicate backups from your on-site Unitrends appliances to the Unitrends Backup software deployed in Azure. Efficiently running on one VM, this single instance of Unitrends Backup, can play a key role for your business continuity and provides all required backup, recovery and management capabilities.

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Protect Azure Workloads with Unitrends Backup Software Virtual Appliance

As an IT professional, you are responsible for protecting your organization’s data and applications in the cloud just as you are for on-premises workloads. Corporate and even regulatory driven retention and recovery policies apply to all of your data – independent of where it resides. Deploy Unitrends Backup software through the Microsoft Marketplace as a virtual machine (VM) to protect Azure-based workloads. Locating this Unitrends Backup deployment in a different datacenter within Azure protects both data and workloads from downtime incidents within Azure. This integrated solution provides redundancy to your cloud platform and delivers retention and recovery capabilities to strengthen your cloud business continuity.

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Move Data from Azure Workloads to Unitrends Cloud for Off Site Compliance

The highest level of protection provides redundancy across different cloud providers. Deploy Unitrends Backup software within the Azure cloud and use that application to manage replication to another cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Unitrends Cloud to protect against cloud level events. This strategy addresses regulatory and corporate data protection policies using Unitrends’ leading all-in-one backup and recovery appliance. Optimize your IT staff by easily setting-up automated backups. Or quickly retrieve lost data no matter how granular or large of a data set. With Unitrends, you manage protection of your cloud workloads through the same dashboard used for your on premises systems.

Unitrends Boomerang for Migrating VMware into and out of Microsoft Azure

Unitrends Boomerang is a virtual appliance that replicates VMware VMs in Microsoft Azure for copyback to data center, or spinup as native Azure VMs. Unitrends Boomerang provides cost effective, secure VM protection. Unlike alternative solutions, Boomerang doesn’t use costly live Azure VMs running in compute mode 24×7. In the event of a system failure, Boomerang’s “Pilot Light” feature quickly remodels VMs replicated in inexpensive storage to native Azure VMs, and rapidly spins them up. When the issue is resolved, a few clicks reverse the conversion and brings everything back to your data center. The cost savings can be huge.

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Run Your Business from Azure with Boomerang Disaster Recovery


Don’t let a disaster, outage, or malware attack put your business operations to a halt. If and when an outage takes out your primary site, you can continue to run your business from the Azure cloud using Unitrends Boomerang. Simply spin-up VMware vSphere virtual machines in Azure using Boomerang’s one-click failover. With business continuity in place, you’re now free to turn your attention to repairing the primary site. Once your servers are up and running, use the simple Boomerang interface to migrate VMs back to your data center. Your team can continue business as usual with minimal interruption.

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Unitrends has been able to provide us with peace of mind that we will be able to restore data in case of emergency and enabled us to lower our RTO and RPO significantly. The appliances and services are stable and reliable. Our Unitrends appliance literally paid for itself after being able to restore the 2 million+ files affected by ransomware earlier this year.

Erica Reyes

Director of IT

EXCO Engineering

Unitrends has more recommended backup, recovery, and continuity models than other vendors combined