Advantages of a Hybrid Cloud Backup Appliance

A couple items passed through my Twitter feed today that caught my eye and interest. First was a tweet from friend and vExpert, Philip Sellers:

(I know this idea originated with @Dana_Gardner, but Philip’s Tweets are always interesting and I want you to follow him – follow @Dana_Gardner too)

The idea of on-premise IT as a competitive advantage plays right into the message Unitrends has been preaching for years: on-premise data protection with an all-in-one, purpose-built backup appliance and cloud for long-term retention compliance and disaster recovery. A pretty simple concept made simpler by one vendor providing all pieces of the solution.

The second item was an article on written by Storage Switzerland George Crump; Should free cloud backup services be used in enterprises?. Mr. Crump lays out the answer pretty clearly, it is almost always no. There are lots of good thoughts shared in this piece, but I want to comment on one paragraph:

Traditional vendors are adding cloud as an extension, where they use the cloud to store old backups. New vendors are emerging to provide cloud backup appliances that are installed on-premises and include the backup software. These products use the on-premises appliances to act as a cache — they send backups to the appliance first before replicating them to the cloud.

At Unitrends we know the difference between adding cloud as an extension and using it as an integral part of a completely integrated data protection and business continuity solution. We are an experienced vendor who is not adding a cloud component simply to keep up with competitors, but one who has a leader in providing an all-in-one solution for more than a decade.

We understand that sending backups to the cloud is not sufficient for quick local recovery, that is why we use an on-premise appliance – to provide the restore performance that is necessary for 99.9% of the recovery tasks an IT shop will undertake. We know bandwidth is limited, so an on-premise appliance with deduplication and the WAN-optimization benefits it provides is needed. But we also know our customers must be prepared for the worst case scenario, and their backups cannot simply live in the cloud, but there must be backup copies that allow a cloud hosted data center to be spun-up to run the business in the event of a disaster.

This is what Unitrends offers; a single vendor that meets all your data protection and business continuity need with a single, integrated solution. An all-in-one, purpose-built backup appliance with integrated cloud disaster recovery. A lower cost of ownership. One back to pat. The ability to do more with less.

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