Unitrends 9.1: Integration With Azure and AWS For Enterprise Cloud Backup

Did you know that 90% of companies that lose more than a few days of commercial information go out of business within the next 2 years? This risk is easily mitigated by using the Cloud to create off-site backup copies of your on-premises backups. The Cloud is an efficient solution and effective alternative to sending tapes or other rotational media off-site for long-term retention.  Enterprise cloud backup can also be obtained at a fraction of the cost of building your own secondary data center.

Unitrends is very excited to announce that with Release 9.1, you can easily set-up off-site backup copies. Start by deploying Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) as a virtual machine (VM) in either Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. Here it serves as a target for off-site backup up copies from any of your on-site all-in-one Unitrends Enterprise Backup or Recovery Series appliances.

Getting started is simple. If you have an Azure account, you can provision UEB through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Upon your request, Azure spins-up a single VM. Or using your AWS account, you can install UEB as a VM. Activate with a license obtained through your Unitrends partner.  You can then immediately begin to replicate backups from your on-site UEB or Recovery Series to the UEB deployed in the cloud!

This single instance of UEB efficiently runs on a single VM and is managed from the same intuitive Unitrends dashboard as your on-site appliances.  And it will play a key continuity role by providing all required enterprise cloud backup, recovery and management capabilities.
• Frictionless deployment and rapid time to value
• Safeguarding of your digital assets with off-site backup storage
• Easily manageable off-site backup copies
• Unitrends technology at both ends of the WAN including built-in WAN optimization such as global deduplication and compression and secure AES 256-bit encryption

Sign up for our 9.1 beta  or watch a demo to see how easy it can be along with the other cool elements of this release. The 9.1 software update, as well as the technical support for installation, is free to those with current support contracts.
I will also share that for a limited time, when you purchase any model of a Unitrends Recovery-Series appliance, you will get a free upgrade to the next model. Use this to give your budget relief now or choose protect yourself against unknown data growth: Supersize Your Backup

Please contact your Unitrends partner or visit Unitrends if you have any questions.


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