6 Trending Cloud Backup Challenges

What Problems Do IT Pros Face?

The industry has talked about the rise of cloud backup for years now. But what do the numbers show? Who’s actually using the cloud for backup and disaster recovery, and who’s just talking about it? What are the cloud backup challenges preventing some organizations from using the cloud? What are the misconceptions and concerns about cloud backup and data protection?

The annual Unitrends Cloud Survey asked over 800 IT professionals about their cloud backup challenges and plans for the future. The six key findings on the 2017 state of cloud backup are detailed in this white paper. The most surprising survey results are the increasingly aggressive Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) combined with no disaster recovery site or cloud and little to no disaster recovery testing. These results are at odds and suggest a significant cloud backup challenge—how can companies expect to meet tight RTOs if they haven’t verified their recovery works?

Cloud Backup Challenges #3 of 6: Aggressive RTOs

Does your company have defined RTO goals? In other words, do you know how long your company can afford not to have access to business applications and data? One cloud backup challenge that IT pros are talking about is the fact that RTOs are becoming tighter, sometimes without the resources necessary to implement a disaster recovery plan ahead of time. See how your RTOs compare by reading the Cloud Survey results.

Cloud Backup Challenges #4 of 6: A Frightening Lack of DR Testing

How often should you test your disaster recovery plan? Once a month? Once a year? What are good strategies for automating disaster recovery testing so it actually gets done? The Unitrends Cloud Survey reveals a frightening lack of DR testing—are you guilty? Effective DR testing is more than just checking your backup—it’s using machine learning and automation to prove out your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and recovery objectives. See how often your IT peers are testing their backup, and find out their recommendations for simplifying and getting the most out of the process by reading The State of Cloud Backup and Data Protection.

What are your cloud backup challenges? How often do you test your disaster recovery plans? What RTOs are you trying to hit? What data do you need from recovery analytics? Let us know in the comments.


Want to see the other 4 industry challenges? Read the full white paper here.



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