Get Enhanced Automation and Resilience With Unitrends v10.5.1

Customer success is the language of Unitrends. From small startups to large enterprises, our customers have achieved innumerable wins using our innovative products and solutions. We listen closely to our users and community to incorporate their feedback as we strive to deliver solutions that make backup and recovery efficient, reliable, effortless and hassle-free. Our latest software release, v10.5.1, includes three new additions based on user feedback and builds upon several features our customers know and love. Here’s what’s new:

Image-Level Replicas:

The proactive nature of Replicas makes them a customer favorite. They enable fast recovery of failed assets, such as physical Windows Servers or VMware VMs, by storing a “replica” (standby copy of the original machine) on an alternate location such as on another VM host or your Unitrends Recovery Series appliance. Replicas are automatically kept up to date each time a backup of the original machine is run. When disaster strikes, the replica can be brought online to immediately assume the role of the failed VM, either temporarily or permanently.

10.5.1 brings support for image-level backups for customers using Unitrends Cloud and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Image-level replicas can be sent to an alternative host (such as VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine) without the risk of losing data during a live migration. This feature enables fast native storage to be fully populated with vDisks of machines you may need to access in the event of a failover and eliminates the need for custom scripting. Image-level replicas can be stored as Hyper-V VMs, VMware VMs, or on your Unitrends appliance.

Support for image-level replicas bring together the best of both worlds by combining the efficiency of image-level backups and the proactive nature of replicas to meet aggressive Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) with a wide range of recovery locations.

Automated Recovery Testing and Reporting With On-Appliance Data Copy Access:

Data Copy Access (DCA) is one of the more versatile jobs you can run with your Unitrends appliance. Our customers use DCA to perform sandboxed recovery testing (Recovery Assurance), spin up isolated lab environments that are great for test and dev (Instant Lab), and even orchestrate coordinated failover for one or multiple machines (Failover). Recovery Assurance testing validates compliance (RTO/RPO) and application performance for 100% proof and confidence in your recoverability.

Recovery Assurance automates testing for both simple and complex environments on a user-defined schedule and generates detailed reports for customers and stakeholders. During configuration, you can customize which machines to include in each test, determine the recovery location, track RTO and RPO, and execute specific application scripts to validate credentials, application services, networking and more.

10.5.1 enhances existing DCA capabilities to enable testing of Windows agent-based backups directly on your Unitrends appliance – perfect for environments without virtual hosts. Reports include screenshots of booted machines, a checklist of tests performed on the backup (identifying successes, warnings, and failures) and can be easily emailed to customers and stakeholders. This feature also includes new options in DCA configuration to save time and processing power, such as the ability to power cycle all machines in a group at one time.

Support for New Cloud Storage: Wasabi

We strive to enable our customers with a complete platform that gives them the agility to meet their data protection needs both today and in the future. As such, Unitrends supports replication to a wide variety of cloud targets to enable initiatives such as off-site backup copies, long-term data retention and disaster recovery.

In addition to existing cloud targets, such as the Unitrends Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Rackspace, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Wasabi. Wasabi provides a new, hot cloud storage option with much lower cost options compared to competitors. This partnership provides Unitrends customers another option for archiving off-site data, with the potential to lower cloud storage costs by 80%. Enhancements to our interface enable users to add Wasabi targets directly without any manual effort since there are no edits of configuration files required. Check out these Wasabi knowledge base articles for more information:

With the addition of these new features, we are excited to help our customers meet their BCDR goals and achieve resilience with a platform that is complete, automated and priced right.

If you are a current Unitrends user and have more requests regarding how we can continue to improve our products and solutions, we’d love to hear from you. From your Unitrends user interface, click the (?) button to submit feedback or contact us.

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