Unitrends Forever Cloud

Keep your Data Safe, Secure and Easily Recoverable

Keeping backup data on premises, on expensive storage devices, and co-located with primary data consumes valuable resources and invites catastrophic loss from a downtime event. You need to get your backups offsite to a location specifically designed for both cost-effective and secure retention that meets legal and compliance requirements. Unitrends Forever Cloud provides long-term data retention solutions that are easier to deploy and provide the highest levels of confidence that your data is always available for quick and easy recovery.


Cost Effective Cloud Data Retention

Unitrends Forever Cloud long-term retention is incredibly easy and inexpensive. It’s off-site and replicated across our many geo-redundant cloud locations. Unitrends offers a predictable prescription cost even as your data grows, with no upcharges for data movement or recovery.

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Meet Compliance Requirements

Federal, state laws and multiple industries require corporations to retain data files for many years. Different data types are required to be kept for different periods of time. For example, financial records must be kept for 3 years, tax documents for 7, and employee exposure to dangerous chemical records must be retained forever. Managing all this on physical storage is difficult and costly. You also risk failing an audit if a downtime event destroys your records. Unitrends Forever Cloud is compliant with many industry regulations, such as SOC 1 and SOC 2, HIPAA, CJIS, and GDPR.

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Easy and Predictable

Get long-term retention in Unitrends Forever Cloud easily and with practically zero management. Simply tell us how much you want to store ( we sell in 500GB increments) and how long you want to keep it (90 days to forever – that’s why it is in our name!). We don’t do “cold storage” that requires advanced notice for recovery. We keep it warm so you can quickly recover any amount any time.

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Easy to Add DRaaS

Need to add Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) to your cloud storage for business continuity? It’s easy with Unitrends. We can reduce your costs by using the same files for recovery as you are storing for retention. Just tell us which are your critical servers and how fast you want the apps running in Unitrends Cloud. We do the rest. We even offer multiple guaranteed recovery times in writing.

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Unitrends Forever Cloud

Unitrends Forever Cloud is sold in 500GB increments and priced by your chosen retention period - 90 days to forever.

Unitrends Forever Cloud

Starting at $529

500GB of Unitrends Forever Cloud with 90 days of retention

We are using Unitrends Cloud for offsite backups. We are a publicly-traded company, so we must be SOX compliant. The Unitrends Cloud is a very cost-effective solution and also incredibly easy to implement. The Unitrends implementation team helped us throughout the entire setup process.
Eric Reyes

IT Director

Exco Engineering