Unitrends Forever Cloud

Purpose-built for easy, cost-effective off-site retention

Unitrends Forever Cloud

Better Protection than Public Clouds at a Fraction of the Cost

Incredibly inexpensive, fully automated, offsite and long-term data protection without the complexity of public clouds. No egress fees or upcharges. Just predictable, straightforward costs, even as your data grows. See how Unitrends Forever Cloud costs compare to the public cloud.

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The easiest data retention

Effortless Offsite and
Long-term Retention

Automated long-term retention management save hours of IT time and ensures data is backed up and retained in compliance with RTO, RPO, and regulatory requirements — without the manual hassles of tape.

Long-term Retention
Ready for anything

Immutability Plus Multifaceted Security

Your data is air gapped and cannot be modified or deleted by the source. It is AES 256 encrypted in flight and at rest. Hardened Linux-based design and advanced AI-based detection deliver industry-leading protection from ransomware. Simplify compliance requirements with tools that help your organization meet a range of industry regulations including SOC 2, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Powerful Security
Strength for your data backup

Industry-Leading Resilience for Maximum Uptime

Unitrends georedundant cloud data centers are built for resilience with cutting-edge self-healing hardware and software that detects and corrects issues before they even arise. Automated application-level recovery testing and proactive monitoring by cloud experts keep Forever Cloud at optimal efficiency and availability.

Maximum Uptime
Complete budget peace-of-mind

Pay for Only What You Need

Choose how much data you want to store in Forever Cloud (we sell in 500GB increments) and how long you want to keep it (90 days to forever). Need faster recovery? Add Unitrends Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) to failover to your critical workloads in the cloud.

Pay for what you need

End-to-End Support from Award-Winning
Cloud Experts

Our cloud experts are available 24/7/365 to support you from installation through ongoing retention management and recovery.

Take control of your data protection with Unitrends.