I was reading a great article the other day by Carl Claunch over at Gartner (Windows Server 8 to Provide Administration and Operations Advantages.) One thing that I thought was particularly interesting was his thesis that data center operations could become more agile if IT specialists use Hyper-V live migration. He noted that more widespread use of live migration could improve service quality by IT being able to respond better to unexpected end-user demand as well as minimizing downtime for end users.

Network administrators using Windows Server 8 Hyper-V will be able to

  • Migrate multiple VMs (Virtual Machines) simultaneously.
  • Migrate NAS, SAN, and even DAS (Direct Attached Storage) in real-time.
  • Move the VM to a physical server in a different location and separate network address range with no change to the system’s IP.

One fascinating use case is to use Windows 8 virtualization to enable cloudbursting – moving legacy workloads not only between data centers but between data centers and private/public clouds.

There’s a lot more in the article; really recommend reading it if you have a Gartner subscription.

At Unitrends, we’re pretty excited about live migration because it is the foundational element that we’re using in our engineering group to build an “instant recovery” (i.e., failover virtualization) feature.

How are you using – or planning to use – Hyper-V?