2017 is rapidly drawing to a close. This season can be a pretty busy time with the holidays, Q4 business and budgeting for the upcoming year. But it is also a good time to step back, take a breath and consider a longer view of the future. Change is inevitable. Data volumes will grow, new apps will need to be deployed, and your business will seek to expand into new territories. The question you should be considering is “am I prepared for the future and the changes that are coming to my infrastructure?”

To help give guidance and some suggestions on what you should be considering we have created a 5 Minute DR Checkup. We ask you a few questions about your disaster recovery metrics and then make personalized projections and recommendations to improve your odds of reducing the length and impact of future downtime events. We also include some links to calculators that help size the DR challenge. Specific guidance is provided for:

Data Growth

The good news is that you have the storage space and process to protect your current data capacity. But do you know how much data you will have next year, three years from now, five? Without some idea of future volumes you may be in the market for a new backup solution before you wish or forced to leave some data unprotected. Get an estimate on the volume of data you can expect to be required to backup and protect over the next five years.

Data at Risk

You should also consider the economic impact of an extended downtime event. What is the dollar value of lost data and negative business impacts? Can your company afford a loss of that size? Only by knowing the negative dollar value of a downtime event are you in a position to negotiate for an appropriately-sized DR solution. For example – if you could potentially take a $1M hit from a downtime event how can you justify spending just a few thousand dollars on a data protection and recovery program? Learn the potential value of negative business consequences from a downtime event so you can negotiate the appropriate DR budget.

Take this 5 Minute DR Checkup to see how prepared you are for the future. You will see what others in the industry project as to the size and timing of a downtime event. You will also receive advice on how to reduce that impact and speed the time of your recovery. The tool also includes access to four calculators you can use to fine tune with your specific metrics and gain insights to your specific set of circumstances.

About Dick Csaplar

Dick Csaplar is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with Unitrends. Prior to working for Unitrends Dick was an Industry Analyst for Aberdeen, focused on all things Data Center. Dick has over 25 years of experience in IT with extensive work in Asia and Latin America having lived in, worked or traveled through over 70 countries in the world.