Unitrends this week announced Ransomware protection using an innovative Ransomware detection feature in its release 9.2.

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It seems to me that every backup vendor is warning about it and advocating their backup product to recover from Ransomware attacks.  It makes sense.  Ransomware as a threat continues to grow.  A few of the more alarming facts:

Clearly all IT professionals wants to prevent Ransomware infection in the first place.  But prevention is difficult.  The variants of Ransomware continue to explode.  And the weak link is the actual human beings – study after study shows overconfident users.  A single wrong click can devastate a business.

Backup is the most effective form of defense against Ransomware.  But there have been few general Ransomware-specific features available.  Unitrends has talked for a while about the danger of having backup software deployed on malware- and Ransomware-susceptible Windows computers.  But our customers have asked for more.  And we’ve now delivered.

Unitrends in release 9.2 (now generally available) has built an unique feature that detects Ransomware on all servers, workstations, and desktops that are protected with our Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup purpose-built physical and virtual appliances.  This protection works at both the virtual and physical level.  The technique we use is to build a predictive analytics model that analyzes characteristics of the data we protect and look for outlier behaviors that are correlated with Ransomware penetration.

As always, would love to hear your thoughts on Ransomware, backup and continuity, or anything else.


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    1. Bill – sorry for the delay in responding (tried twice, not sure why I had an issue.) First, I’ve asked someone to reach out to you directly to talk about this. Second, what we’re doing is building profiles of what your data looks coming in and then detecting anomalies that are associated with Ransomware penetration. You then recover with the prior backup.

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