The CDC Wants You To Be Prepared for Disasters

wedding disaster

And, apparently, weddings.

On Monday, July 9th, the CDC published a blog post that stated that preparing for a wedding isn’t very different from preparing for a wedding. And no, that was not a typo.

Now I know that most of the fellas out there aren’t too concerned with wedding planning, or really anything to do with a wedding, and I may be alone in this opinion, but it seems to me that someone over at the CDC just compared a wedding to a DISASTER. When I hear disaster preparedness, I instantly think of tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, and floods, occasionally a zombie or two, but never WEDDINGS!

Over here at Unitrends, we take disaster recovery, and data backup pretty seriously. We are constantly developing new features for our customers that will allow them to recover faster with less data loss than before – namely Instant Recovery, Incremental Forever, and Adaptive Deduplication.

We encourage our customers to test their backups often, and have a solid disaster plan to include accommodations for electricity or facilities outages. We’ve even done a tongue in cheek response to the CDC’s Zombie Apocalypse to remind our customers that it’s important to be ready for anything that mother nature, a disgruntled employee, or a virus will throw their way.

I know that the CDC was just trying to remind folks to be ready for hurricane season & correlating the timing of hurricane season to wedding season, but there must have been quite a disastrous wedding attended by many of the staff of the CDC, or perhaps a serious Bridezilla running around their offices for them to make this correlation.

What do you think?


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