“What’s the official Unitrends elevator pitch?”, asked the IT professional with whom I was talking for the first time.

I was surprised.  I listen to many buyers.  I listen to many customers.  I listen to many channel partners.  I listen to many alliance partners.  I listen to many employees.  The bottom line is that I spend a lot of time listening (and talking) to a lot of people each day.  But beyond financial people (investors, banks, etc.) I realized that I had never been asked about an “official” Unitrends elevator pitch.

Of course, I was pretty excited.  Along with our vision, mission, and values (which we’ve discussed in the last few posts) the Unitrends elevator pitch is where the “rubber hits the road” in terms of quickly describing what the purpose is of any company.  The thesis of the elevator pitch is simple: in the time it takes for a quick elevator ride (I use 30 seconds, although I’ve heard people use as much as two minutes – elevators must be slow in some places!) describe the purpose of a company and what makes it unique.

I promised the buyer if they became a customer I’d write a blog post about his question – and would include the Unitrends elevator pitch.

Unitrends Elevator Pitch

IT professionals face a world in which they must keep the business going no matter what. Yet IT has less people, money, and time while facing more risks, work, and projects.  This has led to dangerous gaps in backup and continuity protection amid an overworked and under-budgeted IT staff.

Unitrends offers all-in-one hardware-, software-, and cloud-based backup and continuity solutions designed to help IT professionals protect more, do more, and be more – with less.

Of course, the elevator pitch only exists in the service of enabling our customers to move from what we term the “old world” and “new world” of backup and continuity.

Old World, New World

Old World

The old world is briefly characterized as

  • More vendors; more finger pointing, more management
  • More work setting up and constantly tuning
  • Limited continuity; little or no recovery assurance
  • Windows deployment malware susceptible
  • Fragmented and lower customer satisfaction; more worries

New World

The new world is very different than the old world.  It is built on a foundation of high technology, radical simplicity, and affordability.

  • One vendor; one throat to choke
  • Less work – rack, connect, and go
  • Local and cloud continuity with recovery assurance
  • More security; purpose-built hardened Linux
  • Unified and higher customer satisfaction; more confidence

As always, would love to hear your thoughts.