How We Quietly Delight Our Customers With Unitrends Telemetry and Analytics

Unitrends Telemetry is a new feature recently added to our product. It automatically gathers thousands of metrics and events from all Unitrends appliances around the world.

For years we configured SNMP notifications to send traps to our cloud or to a customer’s own monitoring servers. This information worked fine, but SNMP is more a monitoring protocol and the data it collects is harder to process, correlate and build analytics on.

Big Data and analytics are a hot trend right now. Every system, from big servers to small IOT devices, generates thousands of metrics and events every day that usually are unnoticed. Processing and correlating this information globally helps administrators understand user and performance issues, improve services, plus much more.

I am happy to write that we have taken our monitoring to a new level and have built in a new real-time, scalable telemetry framework. This allows us to better understand, visualize and react to what all Unitrends appliances are doing every day.

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The possibilities for this are infinite. We initially built this as an internal tool to help our technical support engineers understand customer issues faster and give better support to our customers. We immediately realized how powerful all this data is for other areas and for our customers. Because of this, we are working on new use cases to be shared soon.

Unitrends can now monitor how new releases are performing, and detect new issues and find all customers that may be impacted and if there is a root cause, correlation for it. Unitrends Telemetry is used for predictive analytics about backup repositories growth or to determine if an upgrade is needed. It gathers metrics on deduplication, backup speeds, IOPs, performance and much more that help us improve our future releases. Unitrends Telemetry has many uses, all that benefit our customers and partners.

This is an exciting new feature for Unitrends and we have big plans for its evolution. Unitrends Telemetry is another example of how we are always looking to improve on a great product. On how we strive to make our end users’ support and sales experience better. It shows our commitment to delighting our customers and partners.

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