All-in-One Backup and Continuity vs. Windows-based Backup Software, is that my choice?

I love new technology. New phones, new laptops, new operating systems, new just about everything. Not because I like spending money, but because new stuff almost always makes my like easier. So, when I think about the choice between protecting my data with an all-in-one backup and continuity appliance or with Windows-based backup software, I say give me easy. I want the appliance.

Many years ago one of our bloggers wrote that most people don’t want to make it their life’s work to make backup work and stay working. Guess what? This is still true! I am not interested in piecemealing together a software solution for data protection if I can get everything I need in a purpose-built appliance. Software, compute, storage; it takes time to manage that in the data center and that is time best spent making an end user’s life easier by fine-tuning production applications.

Just a few weeks ago we laid out the advantages of a hybrid cloud backup appliance; a device from a single vendor that meets all your data protection and business continuity need with a single, integrated solution. An all-in-one, purpose-built backup appliance with integrated cloud disaster recovery. A lower cost of ownership. One back to pat. The ability to do more with less. Unitrends has been thinking this way since 2002, back when other backup software vendors thought toaster when they heard the word appliance.

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What about ransomware, should that concern me if I use Windows-based backup software? Yes. Cyber criminals are sharp. They know restoring data from backups can keep them from collecting ransoms, so they are using lateral movement on a network to map the vulnerable systems, looking for the most valuable. Windows-based backup servers are a high priority target.  In November last year Madison County, Indiana paid a ransom of $21,000 when an attack encrypted their local backups.

Unitrends has a customer with a different ransomware story. Broadway Carpets in Tennessee was hit by a ransomware attack in 2016 and, without paying a ransom, were back up and running in 30 minutes by simply restoring data from their Unitrends all-in-one, Linux-based, backup and continuity appliance.

It is not that everything in my life needs to be new and up to date. I love 1950’s era jazz and aged scotch. But, when it comes to the work I do every day, I much prefer a high-performance laptop connected to a large high definition monitor, the latest iPhone, and applications that save me time. We should all desire the same thing in backup and continuity; a new, fresh, integrated, purpose-built backup appliance that makes a data center administrator’s life easier.

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