Shortest Time to Value


Recovery Series backup appliances ship and setup quickly. Just rack, connect, and go.

Ships in Days, Deploys in Minutes

Backup doesn't have to be a big project. Do away with the cost and complexity of setting up your own back solution. Recovery Series appliances ship fast. Plus, setup is quick and painless. Start backup right away and add immediate value to your organization.

More Uptime

Installs & starts backup quickly, so you're ready to recover from data loss.

Less Management Time

Quick setup & intuitive user interface requires 50% less management time.

More Free Time

Efficient setup and management gives you more free time for other priorities.

Free Yourself from Backup Complexity

Old world backup products have grown increasingly complex, niche, and slow to deploy. But business can't wait. Data is increasingly vulnerable and valuable. Unitrends deploys quick and starts protecting your data and applications right away. You can count on recovery as well as a speedy return on investment for your IT dollar.

Today's Requirements Others Unitrends
Fast Setup

Slow to Deploy

Setup and deployment is slow and painful. Backup doesn't start soon enough.

All-in-One Ease

All-in-one server, storage, and software deploys in minutes. Rack, connect, & go.

Reduced Complexity


Time lost integrating and managing multiple products, with varied results.

Purpose Built

Purpose-built backup appliance is easy to use. No time lost to complexity.

Speedy Recovery

Slow Recovery

Complicated backup and slow setup means recovery is difficult or delayed.

Instant Recovery

Easy setup and instant recovery for any size data set.

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“I had purchased Unitrends in a previous job and the system and customer support proved itself. Unitrend’s ease of use, reliability and low cost of ownership makes it the perfect solution for K12.

Ross Randall
Director of IT, Lamar, MS County Schools

With Recovery Series all-in-one enterprise backup, just rack, connect, and go.

Best Backup TCO

Because of our purpose-built design and all-in-one hardware, Recovery Series backup appliances deliver the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO). There's no need to buy, license, and integrate your own server, storage, operating systems, and backup software. Instead, get a Recovery Series physical backup appliance and just rack, connect, and go. Choose from 12 scalable models and sizes.

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Recovery Series all-in-one appliances combine purpose-built backup infrastructure, enterprise grade software, and cloud continuity. Start your test drive today.

True Dominance: Most Awarded Backup Appliance

More Recommended models than all other vendors combined. More Excellent models than all other vendors combined. Get the DCIG Report