Secure, Direct-to-Cloud Backup for Any Endpoint, Anywhere!


Effortless and Automated Endpoint Backup

Protect the data of your on-the-go workforce and remote servers with simple, secure cloud backup — no on-premises storage or local IT management required. Eliminate downtime with modern bare metal recovery for Windows.

Complete Protection

Easy Endpoint Protection for Today’s Mobile Workforce

Although your workforce may be distributed, your IT staff and equipment don’t have to be. Protect end-user data and Windows servers without the hassle of setting up an appliance or local storage at every office location. Unitrends EndPoint Backup is the simplest way to back up from anywhere with internet connectivity — including Wi-Fi — so the data of your remote and WFH employees is covered too.

Effortless Protection for Today’s Mobile Workforce
Just download and go

Easy Deployment

To get started, simply download an agent to your Windows machines or use your favorite endpoint management software to push agents to your fleet. You can start backing up right away.

Easy Deployment

Modern BMR Without the Appliance

With Unitrends EndPoint Backup, you now have access to Unitrends Bare Metal Recovery without the appliance. Back up Windows endpoints with confidence to Unitrends data centers globally without worrying about hardware, data center and management costs. Let Unitrends handle everything from replication to redundancy. Our data centers employ the latest in multilayered security and provide transparent digital records for up to 90 days. Critical redundancies for components like power, networking and internet are standard in our data centers, which are monitored 24/7.

bare metal
The easiest and best cloud backup

More Efficiency, Less Complexity

Some recovery objectives require a full-scale backup appliance while some don’t. In reality, most organizations have a mix of data protection needs, but a limited IT staff and budget to accomplish it all. Simplify your data protection strategy by using Unitrends EndPoint Backup for endpoints and servers that don’t need to be on a traditional backup appliance.

More Efficiency, Less Complexity

Simple, Predictable Pricing

No matter what your employees put on their laptops, your backup is covered without any extra management or file selection from your end. With up to 1TB of cloud storage included for each workstation, Unitrends EndPoint Backup provides more than enough cloud storage for even the largest endpoints. Moreover, you can easily protect your servers with automatic cloud backup and a choice of protected capacities and retention policies. Plus, there are no fees to access data or restore files. No surprises. No gotchas. Just simple, cost-efficient endpoint backup.

Simple, Predictable Pricing

Easy Cloud Backup for All

Don’t ignore the backup needs of endpoints and servers located outside of the corporate office. You can protect all your organization’s files and folders regardless of their location, with no on-site IT presence or local appliance required. Every organization deserves cloud backup, especially when it’s this easy.

More Efficiency, Less Complexity
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Hands-Off Protection for Windows Workstations and File Servers

Unitrends EndPoint Backup is a simple, cost-efficient way to protect and secure endpoints, servers and other devices connected to the corporate network. This effortless cloud backup solution saves organizations hours of lost productivity in the event of data loss due to malware and ransomware, accidental deletion or hardware failure. Supports Windows 8 and newer versions – check out the Unitrends EndPoint Backup Compatibility Matrix for details. Use Unitrends EndPoint Backup alone or to complement your Unitrends all-in-one backup appliance.

Simple, Predictable Pricing

Simply Priced, No Storage Fees

Priced simply with backup storage included. For workstations, backup is priced at 1TB storage per endpoint with 30 days retention. For servers, backup is priced in 500GB licenses of shared storage with your choice of 90-day, yearly or infinite retention. With no storage fees or retrieval fees, ever, Unitrends EndPoint Backup delivers cost-efficient data protection for endpoints and servers anywhere.

Unitrends EndPoint Backup

Monthly Pricing

Includes Retention

Available in 1, 3, or 5 year terms

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Frequently Asked Questions

An endpoint can be any computing device that can be connected to a network. Endpoint devices communicate and exchange information back and forth when connected to a computer network, such as desktop computers, laptops and even servers.

Endpoint backup collects data from endpoint devices like desktops and laptops and stores them in a secure off-site location. Endpoint backup ensures there is no data loss caused by accidental or malicious deletions such as ransomware attacks. It helps prevent data disasters and reduce downtime by enabling quick recovery if the unthinkable happens.

Endpoint backup creates a copy of the data from endpoints and sends those backups to data centers at regular intervals for safekeeping. This helps protect your mission-critical data in the event the original data on your system is accidentally deleted, lost or corrupted. Most endpoint backup solutions provide a centrally managed platform that allows IT administrators to configure endpoint devices and define the rate of occurrence for backup and recovery, data retention plan and backup target destination. Through the centralized management portal, IT admins can view the backup status and quickly restore data if the need arises.

Endpoints are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks as the global workforce becomes more mobile. These distributed users connect to the company's internal resources from off-premises endpoints, which are outside network security. While work-from-home and BYOD policies offer several benefits regarding staff satisfaction and productivity, they come with their own set of security challenges.

Endpoints are the doorway to a company's network, enabling users to communicate and exchange information. They are also vulnerable entry points, making them a popular target for threat actors looking for security loopholes to gain access to corporate data to steal or hold hostage for ransom, or cause disruption. Endpoints not only serve as entry and exit points, but they also allow threat actors to move laterally without being noticed. They are gold mines of high-value assets, including mission-critical corporate data, intellectual property and customer information. Endpoint backup is critical to protect against data loss and downtime due to human error, device theft, cyberattacks, natural disasters and so on.

Endpoint backup solutions protect files and folders residing in endpoint devices, including work-from- home employees' desktops, laptops and even remote servers. They provide greater visibility into your company's data distributed across endpoints.

Endpoint backup solutions may vary depending on the functionality. Some traditional methods include backing up data to disks, tapes and external hard drives. However, these storage mediums can be easily damaged during a natural disaster and get expensive over time. On the other hand, the cloud offers a more flexible, scalable and cost-effective alternative to traditional endpoint backups. Unitrends EndPoint Backup allows secure, direct-to-cloud backup for endpoint devices from anywhere and enables seamless access and data restoration.

Most endpoint backup solutions are available on a subscription basis.

Unitrends EndPoint Backup has low-TCO protection plans for workstations and servers that includes up to 1TB of data with 30 days of retention and flexible capacity-based plans for even the largest endpoints with the most demanding retention requirements. Plus, there are no fees to access data or restore files either.