Unitrends DRaaS: Upgraded Performance With All-Flash Storage

Today, Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) has emerged as a beacon of resilience for businesses that neither have the budget nor the resources to research, implement and test disaster recovery (DR) plans. Unlike traditional DR methods that often involve complex and resource-intensive processes, DRaaS leverages the power of the cloud to offer a more agile, cost-effective and scalable solution for organizations. With over 72% of organizations worldwide affected by cyberthreats like ransomware, DRaaS delivers much-needed resilience for businesses in the face of increasing adversity.

Unitrends delivers white-glove DRaaS that helps you drastically reduce the cost and complexity of protecting your mission-critical workloads. Unitrends takes care of all management, maintenance and monitoring of the cloud, allowing you to seamlessly continue business as usual in the event of a disaster. If there is an outage, you can quickly spin up your critical systems, applications and data in the secure Unitrends cloud at a significantly lower cost than building and managing your own off-site DR.

You can choose from diverse and flexible DRaaS options depending on how fast you need to recover your applications. For example, leverage Premium or Elite DRaaS for one-hour or 24-hour recovery time SLAs — guaranteed in writing — for your business-critical applications and a best-effort recovery SLA for less critical workloads. Mix and match SLAs to meet the unique needs of your business. We also automatically test recovery and report on performance against your SLA so that you have 100% confidence in your recovery capability.

Now powered with all-flash storage

What makes Unitrends DRaaS all the more remarkable is the continued investment in innovation to increase the performance and resiliency of the DRaaS service. This year, we have started rolling out high-performance flash storage node upgrades to all Unitrends data centers. All existing DRaaS customers will be moved on to these new high-performance arrays, enabling them to achieve blazing-fast recoveries. We have also opened three new data center regions, all equipped with these flash storage nodes, in the U.S. East, U.S. West and Central Canada regions.

Disaster recovery you can trust 100%

Unitrends is committed to delivering the most comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective disaster recovery in the industry. Don’t just take it from us, though. Hear what our customers have to say.

  • “Unitrends’ process worked just as advertised, and there is now no reason for us to actively manage our DR process. We’ve outsourced it to Unitrends.” – Dennis Hershey, CTO, Safety Products Inc.
  • “Unitrends has a solid solution that takes care of our DRaaS needs with a simple interface and great onboarding and tech support!” – Brad B., IT Manager
  • “In addition to general features, by utilizing the Unitrends Cloud, we are able to do live DR testing. We conducted a full-stack recovery test where we rented a space off-site and set up an entire DR recovery environment to help make sure that we could recover our full systems.” – Mitchell M., IT Network Manager

In the G2 Fall 2023 Reports, Unitrends has been honored with 37 badges across multiple categories. Want to save time and money while comprehensively protecting your business-critical data? Book a call with us today. 


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