Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs: Get Affordable, Simple and Resilient Endpoint Protection

Amid an ever-increasing cyberthreat landscape, endpoint protection is something that organizations cannot afford to overlook. As businesses embrace the hybrid work model for its agility and flexibility, their IT environments have become even more susceptible to cyberattacks. While employees have the flexibility to access the office network from their laptops or PCs whenever and wherever they work, these endpoint devices could be easy entry points for cybercriminals into your business networks. With 3 billion phishing emails sent daily, all it takes is one employee accidentally letting their guard down for cybercriminals to spring into action and compromise your entire business network.

Phishing is just one of the many endpoint security concerns that businesses have to deal with today. Threats like ransomware, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and loss/thefts can also jeopardize your business. For example, the FBI reports that over 2 million laptops are stolen every year in the U.S. alone — that’s one theft every 15 seconds. What makes this even worse is that only 2% of them are recovered.

Antivirus solutions have become obsolete since they cannot protect your endpoints from sophisticated cyberthreats, like zero-day attacks and APTs, or thefts and losses. On that front, traditional appliance-based approaches are also not recommended since they could shoot up your costs and hamper productivity. For instance, backups over metered connections can increase your expenditure, and the limited bandwidth could hog data from other business-critical applications. Similarly, backing up your data could be affected if users frequently go offline/online or if their PCs sleep often.

Organizations thus need a more robust approach to endpoint security to ensure that their data and business stay safe and secure in this evolving cyber landscape.

Introducing Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs

Unitrends Endpoint Backup for Windows PCs delivers direct-to-cloud protection for laptops, PCs and workstations without requiring any on-premises hardware. Whether you’re supporting a remote workforce, managing remote sites or securing the executive team’s laptops, you can leverage the solution to comprehensively secure your endpoints.

Resilient backups

Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs offers resilient backups, with Unitrends handling everything from replication to redundancy. It automatically backs up data every two hours and stores it in the secure, private and redundant Unitrends Cloud. Advanced security features, including two-factor authentication (2FA), 256-bit encryption and more, are leveraged to secure your data in the cloud. With cutting-edge multilayered security and critical redundancies for components like power, networking and internet, you can rest assured that your data is safe in the state-of-the-art data centers of Unitrends. The multiregional global presence of Unitrends also enables geographically redundant backups.

Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs also ensures that your backups never fail. For example, the devices of your on-the-go workforce could frequently be switching networks (from home to office to the airport to hotel), going to sleep or getting turned off, resulting in failed backups. However, Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs has advanced features like pause and resume that can handle all curveballs thrown at it by metered or uneven network connections through bandwidth throttling.

Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs automatically pauses when the network connection is unavailable and resumes backups when it becomes available, eliminating backup failures.

Confidence in recovery

With Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs, you gain 100% confidence in your recovery capability. You may initiate recovery from any location with an internet connection to recover precisely what you need when you need it — whether it be a single file, folder or a full system recovery. You can easily restore data back to the original workstation or any other machine with dissimilar hardware. For example, you can back up data from a Dell laptop and readily restore it to a Lenovo.

Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs also has leading-edge recovery capabilities like granular recovery and bare metal recovery to make data recovery seamless in the event of data loss. If you only need to recover a certain file or a folder, you can perform a file or folder-level restore. If you need to recover the complete data from a lost, damaged or stolen device, you can perform modern bare metal recovery, which restores the entire system within minutes.

Notably, the solution’s screenshot verification feature validates that your backups are healthy, functional and easily recoverable. You can spin up machine images in the cloud on demand to test data recoverability anytime.

Reliable cloud infrastructure

Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs has another unique feature that makes it the go-to solution for endpoint protection.

Ransomware has become a significant threat to businesses today. According to Statista, the annual share of ransomware attacks organizations face worldwide has been on the rise since 2018, peaking at a whopping 71% in 2022. How do you ensure that your end users and endpoints steer clear of ransomware attacks?

Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs has an effective solution for this growing menace. The solution uses an industry-leading behavioral engine to monitor for crypto-ransomware and alert when an attack starts. You can swiftly respond to the incident by isolating the system and performing a full recovery.

Predictable pricing

You get all these superior backup and recovery capabilities at a price that won’t hurt your IT budget. One simple price per endpoint provides 1.5TB of protected capacity per machine with a full year of backup retention. No hidden/variable fees, no cost for computing, testing, storage or retention, and no worries of budget shooting up.

Simple, smart and reliable endpoint protection

Anything can happen to your data on the edge — be it a ransomware attack, accidental deletion of data or destruction of your device. Whatever it may be, with Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs, you can recover in minutes and get complete IT peace of mind.

Also, if you’re using SaaS applications like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, you must not rely solely on sync features and ignore the backup needs of your remote endpoints. File sync and share capabilities are not a substitute for backup. When you’re hit with a cyberattack, many sync features will actually push the encrypted data to the cloud, furthering the damage and limiting your recovery options.

The unified portal of Unitrends streamlines the day-to-day operations and makes backup and recovery seamless for continuity across all your endpoints and devices in any situation — all at a simple, flat-fee price. Visit Unitrends PC Backup to know more.


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