Enjoy flexible system backup software with Unitrends.

While managing IT today is an incredibly complex challenge, the right system backup software can make the job a little easier. Many enterprise-class backup solutions are complex to deploy, monitor and manage, draining resources from IT budgets that are constrained. Niche backup solutions don’t make things any simpler; rather than provide a solution that adapts to your infrastructure, they require you to make changes in your data center to adapt to their software.

Enter Unitrends. Our system backup software, Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB), provides an easy to deploy, simple to manage, and adaptable to any IT environment backup/ recovery solution. Providing protection for physical and virtual assets, Unitrends system backup software delivers enterprise functionality and the power to scale as your IT environment grows.

Protect physical and virtual assets with Unitrends system backup software.

Unitrends system backup software makes backup and recovery simple.

It offers heterogeneous protection for virtually any IT environment, including support for more than 100 versions of operating systems, hypervisors and applications. UEB also protects virtually any storage, server, SAN or NAS – that means you need only one system backup software solution to cover your entire enterprise, rather than multiple server backup solutions for different IT environments.

Managing backups and disaster recovery with Unitrends system backup software is simple. UEB provides an intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop functionality presenting a single pane of glass from which you can monitor and manage backup and recovery at multiple locations. This eliminates the need for IT resources at those sites.

Support is simple as well. With an all-in-one system backup software solution, you need to make just one call when you need assistance. Our world-class support team is committed to delighting our customers – and as a result has achieved a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

Features of Unitrends system backup software.

  • Backups offsite to Unitrends cloud or third-party clouds.
  • Instant recovery with failover virtualization.
  • Flexible recovery strategies including instant spin-up recovery and instant granular recovery.
  • Hot or cold bare metal recovery.
  • Continuous data protection and point-in-time protection.
  • Recovery assurance for vSphere and Hyper-V installations.
  • Deduplication capabilities that don’t require dedicated hardware.
  • Tools to turn physical Windows systems into virtual machines.
  • Data replication to a secondary site, a public cloud or the Unitrends cloud without needing third party replication software.
  • Archiving to disk, NAS, SAN and tape backup.

Unitrends also provides XenServer backup solutions with Unitrends Virtual Backup.