Make backup easier with Unitrends server backup solutions

Server backup solutions are a critical part of your data backup and recovery strategy, but finding the right solution can be daunting. As the number of enterprise servers and the data they host continue to grow exponentially, you need server backup solutions that are affordable, easy to use, and work with your unique infrastructure. However, most enterprise-class server backup solutions are expensive, complex or require you to change your data center technology to conform to the needs of the backup software or hardware solution.

Fortunately, Unitrends provides a broad range of purpose-built server backup solutions that are powerful, cost-effective and simple to use, enabling you to focus your time and resources on more strategic priorities.

Server backup solutions for simpler, less costly backups

Our server backup solutions include both physical and virtual appliances. Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ (UEB) is a virtual appliance with flexible deployment options that offers protection for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers. Unitrends Recovery-Series Data Backup Appliances are purpose-built physical appliances with fast CPU clock speeds, ample I/O bandwidth and AES-NI hardware encryption. Our data protection software and physical appliances both provide enterprise-class virtual, physical, and unified compute protection, enabling unmatched backup, archiving and disaster recovery capability for maximum business continuity.

Features of our server backup solutions

Unitrends physical and virtual server backup solutions offer powerful features for server backup, including:

  • Recovery insurance with the industry’s only physical server and Windows VM instant recovery capability.
  • Data protection for any mix of data center assets including most servers and storage systems as well as more than 100 versions of applications, operating systems and hypervisors, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, AIX, iSeries, Exchange, Oracle, Solaris and more.
  • Unitrends Bridge™, a one-click Physical to Virtual (P2V) capability that enables protected Windows systems to be transformed into virtual machines.
  • Unified Bare Metal™, software that unifies a bare metal backup with a master or full backup, so that only one type of backup is required.
  • NDMP Backup and NAS Backup, providing enhanced storage integration for NetApp and EMC devices.
  • Granular disaster recovery via local archiving, enabling you to build WAN bandwidth-saving business continuity and disaster recovery plan policies.
  • Predictive analytics, allowing you to monitor and predict hardware and software failures before they happen.
  • Award-winning, crazy-committed customer support with an industry-leading customer satisfaction rating of 98%.