Is Your DR Sufficient?

sufficient-(1).pngThink of the last time you had a service interruption, crash or breach:
  • Did it last hours or days?
  • Why did it happen?
  • How did it get fixed?
  • What kind of impact did it have on your productivity, morale, reputation and bottom line?
  • When’s the last time you experienced a hard drive crash? A power outage?
  • Do you feel ready for your next data disaster?
  • How fast can you recover from a service loss or outage? Is it within the recovery time objective or service level agreement set by your stakeholders?
  • Are you prepared for “the call” telling you your system has been compromised or simply obliterated?
  • How old is your hardware? Your software?
  • Did you know that many companies that experience a catastrophic outage or loss of service expose themselves not just to inconvenience but to bankruptcy?

Can you survive an extreme failure?

Have you tested your recovery capabilities for a targeted attack, a data breach, a system-wide failure, an overheated data center or a catastrophic weather event? The right disaster recovery solution is robust enough to withstand even the most horrible circumstances known to man or machine.

Can you survive failure at an inconvenient time?

Are you ready to do what it takes to keep your company “always up” and operating? What’s your disaster recovery plan? Ask yourself whether your company is prepared to respond to disasters at inopportune moments. What are your nighttime and weekend coverage like? How do you deal with holidays? What if key staff members are unavailable or incapacitated?


Is it automated?

A great disaster recovery plan is automated and human-proof. Disaster recovery is not susceptible to panicked decision-making and reactive floundering when the worst comes to pass. When you have great disaster recovery, you can relax.

Is it up to date?

Real-time updating is the bread-and-butter of the technology that could save your business. Great disaster recovery systems embrace this concept by constantly updating, automating and allowing immediate detection of deviations, crashes and breaches. That’s one place where an instant-gratification mentality really pays off.

Are you ready to update your disaster recovery system in real time? Ask yourself: Does your disaster recovery solution update and operate in real time? Why or why not?